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How to look amazing

01 February on T-Shirts  

What do Superheroes and Villains have in common?  Their incredible ability to look amazing in their custom made costumes of course, and a little thing called -- super powers. At Idakoos, we can help you express your inner super hero or villain with our custom t-shirts. Whether you’re an award-winning illustrator or you have an impressive knack for drawing stick figures. It’s simple really. You create the design & text and we’ll make a one of a kind t-shirt just for you.

Ok. So maybe you’re not ready to release your inner super powers today or ever, we bet you still have something cool to share with the world. Whether you’re on the debate team and are great with words or you have a love for tall buildings and apes or even wild horses racing across the meadow.  Whatever you want to express to the universe, we can provide the canvas.

At Idakoos, we’re also dreamers. We have our own creative in-house designs and slogans. So if you’re at a loss for words, we can even help you find your voice. Custom T-shirts are our thing! So be creative now or save it for art class. We’re okay if you use us. No judgments here.

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