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A timeless Classic

04 February on Sweatshirts  

Hoodies are cool, but sweatshirts, well they’re classic. High schools know this. Universities know this. Athletic teams know this. Heck, we all know this. A custom sweatshirt is something we are proud to wear.

Sometimes you just wanna throw on a nice warm sweatshirt and call it a day. Sweatshirts have the ability to take us to a special place. They speak to us.

Sweatshirts are a kind of relic. They have the prestige honor of being passed down from generation to generation. What makes a sweatshirt classic and timeless is as old as time itself. It’s all the blood, sweat, and tears that we have shed while wearing them.

Coaches know this, grandmas know this and yes, even hipsters know this.

What if you could design your own sweatshirt for your team or club or just for yourself? Being apart of something is great, but standing on your own is also worth recognition. At Idakoos we can help you achieve “sweatshirt” greatness with our custom sweatshirts.

The sweatshirt may be sans a hood, but it’s lighter too, and sometimes we just want to feel a little more classic in this modern hoodie world.

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