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Scuba diving immediately brings the idea of lush, tropical exotic locations with vibrant, iridescent fish, crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs. Scuba divers are a breed apart, and many of them love and respect the ocean, its life and the environment as a whole. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with many divers, but regardless of where you dive or what you dive, show your support for the sport with Scuba Diving T-Shirts.

Born For Scuba Diving

Many non-divers imagine scuba divers as risk-takers, diving with sharks and exotic fishes or spear-fishing for delicious fare off of reefs, oil rigs and stationary platforms in the ocean. The truth is much more than this, however, because scuba divers come in all kinds. From the tropical waters of the Caribbean to cold water divers in the Great Lakes region, scuba divers don't care where you dive as long as you dive.

Scuba first appeared in 1942 by famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan. Using a car regulator as a prototype, the pair invented a on-demand regulator that would allow a diver to breathe underwater. Taking their invention to the public in 1943, the pair marketed and sold Aqua-Lung, the first scuba gear. An acronym that became a word, scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and its invention has changed the world of deep water ever since.

People interested in scuba diving should consult with a local scuba shop. Diving classes are necessary for scuba certification, and scuba certification is necessary to rent or fill air for diving. Various organizations such as PADI, YMCA and NAUI offer diving certifications. Check with your local dive shop for additional information about learning to dive or dive trips.

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