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Arbor Day: history, celebration and gift ideas

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Arbor Day, is not only a day to plant and care for trees, but to also celebrate the role of trees in our lives. Why would we want to celebrate trees? Well, trees do a whole lot for us, and they deserve to be celebrated! Trees clean the air, provide oxygen, save water, help to prevent water pollution, prevent soil erosion, provide food, cool streets and cities, provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife, and much more! It only seems fitting that 41 countries all around the world have reserved a day or week entirely for trees. These countries include the United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, The United Kingdom, and 23 others!

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The first celebration for trees in the world took place in the Spanish village of Mondoñedo, and was organized by its mayor in 1594. The first American celebration occurred in Nebraska City, Nebraska, on April 10, 1872, and was founded by Julius Sterling Morton; a Nebraska newspaper editor who also was the Secretary of Agriculture. It's been estimated that roughly 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska during that first celebration. Wow, that's a lot of trees!

How is It Celebrated Around The World?

As mentioned previously, "Tree Day" is celebrated by 41 different countries around the world. But, not all of these countries celebrate it the same way. In fact, they don't even call it the same thing in every country, or even celebrate it on the same day.

In Belgium, it is called "International Day of Treeplanting," or "International Day of Forests," and is recognized more as a theme-day, educational-day, or observance, not as a public holiday. India celebrates Van Mahotsav "The Festival of Trees" annually, during the month of July. Millions of trees are planted during this Indian event! In Spain, it is usually celebrated along with International Forest Day on the 21st of March, but each municipality decides its own date for this day, which usually falls between February and March. Instead of just one day, the United Kingdom celebrates a "National Tree Week." During this week, which takes place during the start of the winter tree planting season, roughly a million trees are planted by local authorities, community organizations, and schools.

Some Fun Facts

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It was almost called Sylvan Day. In the end, Arbor was selected due to the fact that Sylvan only meant forest trees, and Arbor accounts for forest as well as fruit trees.
Planting trees is not the only way to celebrate it. Some people help educate others on the importance of trees, while some make donations to help save the rain forest, and others participate in recycling programs that benefit trees.
Different countries celebrate this holiday on different dates. The date they celebrate it on, depends on the climate and planting season in each country.
In Japan, they call it "The Greening Week." while Korea calls it “Tree Loving Day."

"Tree Day" Jokes

What good would a "Tree Day" celebration be without some humor? Here are a few funny jokes to keep everyone from "leaving." See what I did there?

Joke 1: What kind of tree is often found in the kitchen? Answer: A pantry!

Joke 2: Why was the pine tree sent to its room? Answer: Because it was being knotty!

Joke 3: Why did you plant a board and nails on Arbor Day? Answer: I was trying to grow a tree house!

If you think these are funny, you should take a look at some of these fun gift ideas for the "Tree Day" enthusiast in your life!

Fun Gift Ideas!

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Do you wear t shirts? Most people do! So, why not get the gift that keeps on giving? Instead of celebrating it during just one day of the year, you can spread the message whenever you wear your shirt! If you celebrate for environmental reasons, which many do, you should have a look at some cool environmental t shirts. These shirts help you to express your love for the environment in cool and humorous ways. Environmentalist t shirts are a perfect gift for you to give to someone for this special day!

Ecology T Shirts

As a perfect fit for this holiday, you should check out the excellent t shirt design on these awesome ecology t shirts! Each shirt is designed with care, and expresses a message that any lover of trees and the environment would be proud to wear! With a clever t shirt design such as "Don't Pump Gas. Pump Tires," or "Don't Be Trashy;" which includes the universal symbol for recycling on it, you're sure to stand out and show your love for the Earth.

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