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22 March on T-Shirts  

Music transcends cultures and generations. It has the ability to move us and define us. We identify with music, old and new, and continue to respect the classical and classics while pushing the envelope and creating new styles and sounds for generations to come.

What we listen to can say a lot about who we are. While it separates us, it also brings us together. Live music is a wonderful way to connect with others. Of course, going to a show where you love the music, can be a life changing experience. You connect with the music and the people around you. But going to a live show where you’re not as familiar with the music or you’re not particularly fond of it, can be eye opening and unforgettable.

Ever been to a Music Museum? If you want to have some fun and learn even more about the history of music and the musicians behind it, there are many wonderful music museums all around the World. There are over 60 music and musical instrument museums just in the United States. In Tennessee, alone, Memphis has the Stax Museum, Graceland, Sun Studios and the Rock’n’Soul Museum on Beale Street. Nashville has the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and is currently building the National Museum of African American Music, and Pigeon Forge near the Great Smokey Mountains, has the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame as well as the Rainbow Museum showcasing Dolly Parton.

Some of the other popular music museums across the country include the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio; the American Classical Hall of Fame and Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio; the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington; the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi; and the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. This list is in no way complete and barely touches upon all of the wonderful and unique music museums that transport us into a world of site and sound.

Music connects us to the world. If you keep your ears and mind open to all kinds of music, it might just surprise you! You never know. One day you could find yourself in Beauford, South Carolina and stumble your way into the Kazoo Museum. What a trip that would be!

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