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As Unique As Your Coffee Mug

10 April on Mugs  

Coffee. The smell of a freshly brewed cup in your favorite coffee mug swirling in front of you, the jolt of energy you receive after sipping on it. You either love it or you hate it. But no one can argue that it’s a huge thriving industry that keeps expanding.

Coffee has been making its way from cup to mouth for generations. From the campfire to the breakfast table, it has been a tried and true staple that’s not leaving anytime soon.

The Italians love their espresso and have specific times in which they enjoy it. It’s poured to perfection and enjoyed slowly.

In the United States the coffee house environment thrived in the Pacific Northwest 20 yrs before it started spreading like wildfire across the rest of the country. In cities like Portland and Seattle, they have been enjoying espresso beverages from their coffee carts, Victorian Coffee houses and the more modern coffee shops, before trendy became the norm.

One large coffee company has taken the country and world by storm. They are the fast food of coffee. One of the reasons why their business thrived was because they created a comfortable, welcoming environment where their patrons knew they could enjoy a cup of coffee, or an espresso beverage while relaxing and socializing or enjoying free WiFi.  They also created an iced blended beverage that was so popular, that many customers were going back every day or twice a day to get their fix. Many locations even have a drive-thru, for those of us who don’t have the time to relax.

Today, specialty coffee shops are on the rise. They offer single brew coffees along with simple espresso beverages. It’s all about the bean and the pour. Some shops offer coffee tastings and classes, kind of looks like we’ve gone full circle.

Maybe you love coffee. Maybe you hate it. Why not express it?

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