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Australian Shepherd Tshirt the poetic way

10 December on Hoodies   Tags: , , ,

When some people think of ther nobler breeds,
they remember Old Yeller or Lassie, but not me.
I think of my Aussie, my tailless sheep dog,
with the brown spots round his eyes and the jet black bod.

Australian Shepherd T-shirt

All dogs love frisbees, and all dogs love balls,
but Aussie was the most devoted of all.
Just a year ago, he died at sixteen,
and I've worn my t-shirt every wednesday then.

I wear it to remember how he didn't ruin my shoes,
how he knew from birth to go outside to do his doo,
how he barked only at the squirrels he knew I didn't like,
and how he lay his head on my lap on the colder nights.

A well behaved dog, but not so unwise,
as to trust an intruder he won't recognize,
As the burglar who learned before running one night,
that an Aussie always know just were to bite,

It's true that eveyone thinks that their dogs are the best,
and shepherd breeds stand among the most-loved in that sense.
But if we are prudent, we can rank all their features,
and find that the Aussies the best of these creatures.

By far the most loyal, by far the most pretty,
ideal for either the country or city,
A companion for owners who just want a friend,
Can herd sheep well too, as I understand

So as you look through these Personalized T-shirts of dogs,
and see all the tollers, the daschunds, the pugs,
consider a shirt that is bone-a-fide,
as those in australian shepherd t shirts wear with pride.

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