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Baristas Serving Lattes in Fun Aprons

19 February on Apron   Tags: , , , , , ,

Barista Apron

I'm certain that back in the day, cowboys weren't sitting around the campfire drinking their heavily boiled coffee grounds from their enamelware pot and thinking, "Wow, if only we had a cute cup and could add some soy milk and whipped cream prepared by a knowledgeable person who can spell my name correctly."

It’s seriously hard to imagine how coffee went from rustic to glam over the years, but it has, and we have a myriad of coffee cafes, shops, bistros, and drive-thrus to prove it.

We now live in a society where buying your favorite expresso at one of the of these establishments is enchanting and trendy. Morning cappuccino becomes a necessity and evening discussions of politics, homework and relationships just flow nicer while chilling out in brightly colored booths with sophisticated artwork on the walls.

Even more in vogue in the world of java, is to be the lucky person who gets to help people satisfy their caffeine needs with the perfectly customized hot beverage. Baristas not only have the most amazing title in occupational history, they also get kudos for making a day brighter and better for the upscale coffee addict.

What Barista wouldn’t enjoy touting their profession with stylish aprons to let the world know they not only make a mean cup of joe, but they are fashion savvy, as well. If being awesomely hip isn’t enough of a reason to grab a custom made apron, a practical reason would be protecting your clothing against the ever unyielding coffee stains.

When you want to share with the world that your job is cooler than theirs, a customized barista apron is the way to go.

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