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Bartenders Love Some Good Long Sleeve T Shirts

09 November on T-Shirts   Tags: , , , ,

Bartender long sleeve t-shirt

When working the bar at a party or an actual bar or club there always seem to be those people who don't know which side of the bar they belong on. They'll climb on top of it to get your attention or even try coming around the back to mix up their own drink. As the night goes on and the party gets more hectic, it becomes harder to control people who have had a few.

Enter these long sleeve t shirts from Instead of having to exchange words that might make your customer (or your second cousin at your sister's wedding) unruly you can just point to the shirt. This one is super awesome: "No Trespassing. Bartender Working. Violators will be crushed." A smirk and a wave of the hand will get those pesky self-servers back to the side of the bar on which they belong.

Of course, you don't have to be a bartender to wear bartender t-shirts. On the next company picnic you can slap this bad boy on and suddenly be King of the Liquor. King of the Liquor means that you can sneak a sip when no one is looking or on the opposite side of the spectrum, avoid the busybodies who want to know why you're not imbibing with the rest.

Whether you're looking for something to wear to work or just want a comfy long sleeve t shirt in which to relax has the shirt for you. But you'll have to bring your own bar.

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