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Being Unique With My Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

27 January on Canvas tote bag   Tags: , ,

Fresh Tote Bag

I have a confession. I love tote bags. I collect all sorts of totes for different occasions. I have grocery totes, dress totes, casual totes, you name the occasion and I bet I have a tote bag for it. My friends and family often question why I have so many of these bags, and I can never come up with an answer. My obsession for them increased when I found that I could personalize my own canvas totes. I don't know about anyone else, but I love walking down the street with my one of a kind tote and being asked where I got it from. It's thrilling to stand out and be unique.

I actually stumbled upon one day on my quest to purchase more personalized totes. There were so many different options and I knew I had to try it out for myself. Many of the other sites only gave options to change the color or font, but even gave me the option to add images to my bag! So after spending hours customizing to have one of the best canvas tote bags out there, I was finally satisfied with the result. Once I received my tote, I started using it right away. I admit that it's probably my most used bag to date. All of my other totes are sitting in my closet slowly collecting dust.

What better way to express your style and uniqueness than through a customized item? Now all my friends and family ask me where I get my tote bags from, instead of laughing at me for collecting them. You can guess what I get them for the holidays and birthdays!

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