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Black Friday: Origins, Curiosities And Gifts Ideas

21 November on Hoodies  

Black Friday Hoodie

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when a lot of retail stores give huge discounts for their products. It started in US and the concept has now spread to several other parts of the world. Another one is just around the corner and people are already preparing for Black Friday shopping because they want to take advantage of the huge discount.

But only very few of them know the through origin of the concept. In fact, only very few care. What they really care about is the huge discounts that await them in retail stores both online and offline. There are several stories purported to be the origin of the shopping holiday.

The first time the term was used was when a certain financial crisis hit the U.S gold market on September 24, 1869. The day was a Friday. Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, two super-rich Wall Street financiers unified their financial strength to buy up almost all the nation’s gold to create scarcity and drive up its price so high that they will make a killer.

But unfortunately, their plan was exposed and this resulted in the total opposite of their expectations. The value of gold crashed so badly that so many stockholders lost a huge sum of money although both Jay Gould and Jim Fisk were the biggest losers.

Another origin of the term is that back in the 50s, after Thanksgiving, there used to be so much chaos in the city of Philadelphia when thousands of visitors would hit the city ahead of the big Army –Navy football game that takes place on that Saturday every year. It is the day cops will not be able to take a day off and instead, they will work more than normal trying to handle the upsurge of the crowd and at the same time they will be trying to protect retailers from shoplifters who usually take advantage of the crowd to steal items.

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Because of the extra work, cops usually dread that particular Friday and as such they gave it the term that retailers have now hijacked. It is not only the cops that hate the day, residents of Philadelphia do not like the day too.

Black usually connotes something negative like death. This is why people wear black outfit when they are mourning the loss of a beloved one. Any day of the week on which something terrible happens to anybody is a black day for that person. If it is on a Monday, it is a black Monday and if it occurred on a Tuesday, it is a black Tuesday and it goes on like that.

In order to kill the negative connotation and add some positive ideas to the term, retailers came up with another explanation for the term. Normally, it is a common practice in accounting to record losses in a red ink and profit in a black ink. So, they said Black Friday is the first day that black ink would be used to prepare their financial report because it is the first day that retailers will make profit in that year. They have been making loses prior to that day.

But it could not have been true. It is obvious that it is a story made up by someone. What retail store will continuously to make losses from January to the end of October, the tenth month and still continue to be in business? Right now the concept is growing bigger. Stores now open earlier than usual because customers will besiege each store waiting for them to open.

In fact, a lot of customers head for retail stores immediately after taking their thanksgiving meals. Then, the discounts used to be valid for only the Friday but now it spans four days –Friday, Saturday, Sunday and they wrap it up on Monday – Tagged Cyber Monday.

Some people are even of the opinion that Friday is for physical retail stores while Monday is for online stores and that is why it has been named a Cyber Monday. Although the concept began in America, it has spread to different parts of Europe and Africa where so many online retail stores offer ridiculous prices.

But the offers are just on very limited products. Most times, retail stores use the opportunity to push out products that are in the least demand. This is time when funny Thanksgiving t-shirts with hilarious inscriptions will hit the market. Example of a funny gift is a Thanksgiving t-shirt with the following inscription “Come near me, if you can. I am fully prepared” and right below the inscription is the picture of a turkey hanging a double barrel gun on its neck in a commando style.

Another funny one is another t-shirt with the picture of a turkey and the inscription – I may look so much like a turkey, but I am a rare kind of goat. Don’t eat me. This t-shirts will make great Black Friday gifts for anybody.

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