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Born To Be Brave

12 April on T-Shirts  

Across this vast and beautiful world, there are mountains begging to be climbed, rivers roaring to be rafted, and oceans just waiting to be dived into their deep blue waters.

Some people are just born to be brave. They take the path less traveled, gravitate towards adventure, and taking calculated risks.

Anyone who has visited Yosemite National Park in California, and has stood at Inspiration Point and looked down on the beautiful valley, can’t help but gasp in awe of it’s captivating beauty. Granite peaks, waterfalls, a river and vast meadows are screaming to be explored. Half-Dome, Glacier Point, and Yosemite Falls are all popular, beautiful and challenging places to hike to the top of, but only a fraction of Yosemite’s visitors will climb the face of El Capitan or Royal Arches. Yosemite is known around the world for it’s climbing and provides classes and guides for anyone who wants to take on the challenge.

In Australia’s Palmerston National Park located in North Queensland lies the North Johnstone River. Surrounded by ancient rainforests and carving its way through a volcanic gorge, this river is a beast waiting to be challenged. For all those whom dare to ride down this Class IV & V River, the experience will leave you breathless. Before the journey even begins you must first take a helicopter to reach its banks. Once on the river, you’ll spend 4 days rock’n rolling down it’s steep fast flowing waters. At night you’ll sleep under the stars experiencing nature in it’s rawest form. It’s an adventure for the brave and those wanting an unforgettable experience.

Some well-known and unbelievable spots for scuba diving can be found in Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia. Well there’s also an area 220 miles off the coast of Brazil is an archipelago of volcanic islands known as Fernando de Noronha. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Brazil’s first Marine Park, this saltwater playground offers a chance for divers to swim in its blue waters with dolphins, and turtles, and a myriad of sea life. Besides the great diving and beaches, you’ll get to experience the islands in relative privacy. Only 420 people are permitted on the island at a time, making it an amazing getaway for the adventurous spirit.

Maybe you were born to brave, maybe you are finding your braveness one step at a time. Either way, why not let everyone know that you’re fearless and pick up a born to be brave t-shirt from our online shop @

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