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Brute Strength And Style: Customize Your Own Shirt

14 October on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

Whether you are an up-and-coming wrist-locker, or a weekend muscle shirt-wearing tailgater, promoting your love of arm wrestling is important from first glance. Men and women who love strength competitions care very earnestly about letting everyone around know they are up for a challenge. Both individual competitors and organized teams need some type of visual or wearable example of grappler solidarity.

Arm wrestling t-shirt

Arm wrestling T shirts are the best way to get creative about your passion for this sport. Go berserk when you customize your own shirt with outlandish arm wrestling-related prints and quotes. Though the opportunity for team and sport creativity is possible, an entirely sophisticated and professional custom design is also a great choice. The object is to customize your own shirt with a personal or team motto and original logo. Even a unique and popular tribal design is possible for custom arm wrestling T shirts. Of course, the design you choose to wear will become really popular if your arms and shoulders fill the shirt out, and you tend to win your arm wrestling tournaments.

T shirts are also a proven way to “psych-out” your opponent. Imagine a team of champion arm wrestlers at a large event walking around all day with customized shirts which are made to be feminine and dainty...on purpose. When they win each round, the loser will have sore biceps and a severe complex to overcome.

Every arm wrestler has a different swagger, style, technique and desire to win. Here's the chance to match a simple shirt with that unique approach and personality.

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