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Capoeira Clothing

31 October on Sports, T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

Is it dance? Is it fighting? Whatever it is, capoeira still looks as awesome as it ever has and those that practice this ancient Brazilian martial art are respected and admired. Perhaps you are a beginner and have your fundamental moves down and are working on your Queixada towards that first belt. Or maybe you have mastered the art form and are teaching others at a local school. All will surely agree, that learning to love the sport is easy to do, but finding Customized T-shirts to show your mad love and respect, is tricky indeed! Whether you need that “Born to Capoeira” shirt or you are the proud parent of one of these head-over-heels martial artists out to show your support, shirts for every situation can be found.

Capoeira Dancing The Fight T-Shirt

For some the love-affair with this rhythmic dance battling arose after a live demonstration while on vacation. Still others became enamored after viewing the Hollywood-edited but still impressive depiction of the sport in the movie Only the Strong. Wearing stylish capoeira t-shirts you can be sure to spark an interest for this lesser known sport no matter where you are. This walking billboard for your sport will allow you enlighten strangers and connect with fellow enthusiasts – whether it is in line at the grocery store or walking in the park.

Struggle no more with capoeira-pride apparel woes. Look hot or simply cool as people wonder what the people on shirt or doing or “what does that word mean”? Confuse and amuse with a clever shirt and be the envy or your fellow sport-lovers with all “ooh, where’d you get that” and “cool shirt bro” as you head out to the next Roda.

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