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Geeky Pleasures

01 March on Hoodies

Most of us have a geek hiding in us somewhere. Every year there is a large comic book convention held in San Diego, CA. It has a massive cult like...

Size really is important!

18 February on Hoodies

One size fits all.  What does that really mean anyway? That it’s more than likely that this piece of clothing will fit you? So let’s say that you’re actually able...

San Francisco – Giants, 49rs, and the Hoodie

09 February on Hoodies

San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay, seems to be the city where the most tourists buy hoodies. If you’ve ever walked around that city, especially down by the...


For the love of the Hoodie

20 January on Hoodies

Who doesn’t have at least one favorite hoodie in their closet?  If you’re like us at Idakoos, you probably have way more than one. But hey…who’s counting anyway?! We know...