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Celebrate Women Rights In The Women’s Equality Day!

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Although they make up half the population, women have been discriminated against for thousands of years. Previously, they were treated as the property of their husbands or fathers and could not own lands or property, they could not vote or go to school, and it was acceptable to beat and mistreat women. In over a century, much progress was made to attain equal rights for women globally, but many women still live with no rights to which all are entitled.

Strong woman hoodie

A major milestone for women

The Women Rights Amendment was passed by Congress in 1878 at the behest of suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. This amendment was passed by California Senator Aaron A. Sargent. This was a notable milestone in the suffrage movement in America because it was the first international agreement to affirm the equality of women and men. Since that time, the UN has been an important advocate, embracing a global bill of rights for women in 1979 and sponsoring four international women's conventions.

Below are some cool gift ideas for women during the Women’s Equality Day!

Celebrate the right to vote with hoodies for women

The journey to get the right to vote for women was a long one – voting rights were extended to all male citizens of America by the 14th Amendment in 1868, but not to women. Nothing says we-stand-together more than a "Birds of a feather Women Hoodie." You can also opt for a custom savage hoodie for women.

Being given the right to vote was a defining moment for women who stood together to fight for their God-given right. And this year, celebrating the women rights, affirms that women are still fighting to completely realize the promises made to them over one hundred years ago.

Get cool gifts for women in major positions all around the country with US States Women T-Shirts.

Women account for only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs and within these Fortune 500 firms, women hold only 16.9% of board seats and 5.2% of CEO positions, according to the Pew Research Center. Show your love for the women in these positions, by celebrating with these women’s t-shirts.

The gap in wages won’t close until 2058

The salary gap between men and women has been creeping to an equal par over the last century, yet this progress has been really slow. Between 2001 and 2013, the difference just narrowed by two percent, from 76.3 to 78.3, according to IWPR’s report. At this speed, it won’t fully close up until 2058. The fight to close the gap has been going on for years and is as slow as evolution. So "Parkour Evolution Women T-Shirts" will be a great gift to show how ironic and slow the process has been. You can customize the t-shirt with your own special words.

During the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s women started closing up the gap in education and work experience. Now, women make up the same workforce numbers as men and are, normally, more educated than the men; nevertheless, they're still paid less. What's it going to take, one million years?

All sexes are equal, but some are more equal than others!

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Just like George Orwell's "Animal Farm," the sentence is a statement on the hypocrisy of states that proclaim an absolute equality of their citizens, but give more power and opportunities to a smaller group. Gender equality in the U.S. is anything but equal. A study in 2015 looked at all 50 states to establish the best and worst states for women. Factors used were job opportunities, general well-being, and childcare choices. Top honors went to Minnesota, followed by a tie between Massachusetts and Connecticut. Five states received an “F” score for fail: Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Idaho.

Nothing will say “We want equality” more than a custom made tee with those unique words on it. All sexes are equal...period!

It is apparently a slow process, but we’ve undoubtedly been going in the direction of greater equality in the past few decades. The right to vote was legislated with the stroke of a pencil, but this is not the case for equality. The difference is that equality can’t be mandated, and won’t change overnight. It is the most subtle things and social variables that actually take some time to transform a society.

Over the last century, amazing women have proved that the subjugation of women is an injustice. The world can now see what the female sex is capable of. From the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks fighting for civil rights and equality to great scientists like Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, and Jane Goodall. The last century has demonstrated more than ever what both women and men have the capacity to do when they work together as equals on an equal playing field.

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