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03 May on Hoodies  

Anniversaries. Don’t you just love’em!  They are exciting and celebrated for just about everything. In the romance category, couples tend to celebrate every momentous occasion, at least in the beginning. From where they first met, to the first kiss and then come the monthly and yearly anniversaries.

If the happy couple chooses to get married, then the more complicated anniversaries begin. First there’s the engagement and then the wedding anniversaries that change their name every year, from the 1st being Paper to the 60th being Diamond.  Then come the first apartments together and purchases of homes, to the yearly trips to celebrate the anniversaries, or maybe they are the anniversary. Like the first trip camping together or that exciting trip to Paris, where they conceived their first born.

Speaking of which, then they have the yearly anniversaries of their children’s birthday. Then come all of the little milestones. From the first time the child says it’s first word and then takes it’s first step, to the first day of class or first dance. Life is full of celebrations.

Maybe you’re not ready to take that big of a leap just yet. That’s ok, no need to rush things. But you could profess your love by wearing an “I Love My Girlfriend” Hoodie. And hey, you could always turn that into an Anniversary. Remembering the first time you wore the hoodie, and how happy that made her. Cheers and Salud to all of life’s firsts.

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