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Christmas: History, Celebration and Gifts Ideas

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Christmas is a wonderful, magical time of the year. It’s a time for family to gather around and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. It is generally celebrated on December 25th. Many people put up a traditional tree and fill it with gifts to others. Most of the time, the gifts are something somebody has been waiting for, for a long time or something that they don’t want to buy for themselves. Family and friends gather around for delicious treats and goodies throughout the month and take part in making goodies for other families or businesses. It is a time for giving, loving and sharing the real meaning of Christmas. Traditionally, people correlate with Santa Claus and the his elves that live at the North Pole. Children are told that if they‘re naughty, Santa won’t come to their house or they will get a stocking full of coal! If they’re good, Santa will come riding along on his sleigh of reindeer and deliver gifts to your house and place them under your tree, all the while you’re sleeping. You leave chocolate chip cookies and milk out as a snack for Santa, because he certainly gets tired and hungry after his busy night of visiting everybody’s house. It is known that Santa works all year round in his work shop to prepare all of the gifts for the little boys and little girls on this special holiday. In the United States, this is the most celebrated holiday in the world. It’s the biggest holiday of the year.

Where did Santa Claus come from? He comes from “Saint Nicholas” of course! We can thank a man by the name of Washington Irivine who is responsible for creating the origin of Santa Claus in 1809. Most children grow up believing in Old Saint Nick and look forward to the day he comes and delivers all of the presents. This wonderful holiday is much more than that! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate family and listen to beautiful music while making delicious food. Wrapping the perfect present and watching their face light up when they open it. Priceless!

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Others celebrate in different ways. Some people don’t celebrate the holiday because they don’t believe in it. Some people merely just celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but don’t par-take in all of the other activities that come along with it. Depending on individual religion, some people celebrate a similar holiday and call it Hannukah. Many countries all over the world celebrate a form of the festivities and the real meaning, but celebrate it on different days and in different ways. Hannukah is labeled as a Jewish holiday that reiterates and solidifies the dedication to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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There are some really neat and fun facts about the holiday. Did you know that the tree is also known as the Yule tree? In 1836, Alabama became the first state in the United States to celebrate it as a dedicated holiday and became a federal holiday in the United States in June of 1870. Also, did you know that the tradition of children getting a lump of coal in their stocking for being naughty came from Italy? And! The tallest tree that was ever displayed was 221 feet tall. It was displayed in Seattle Washington in 1950. Did you know that there are actually three towns in the United States that are named Santa Claus? Yep! They are located in Georgia, Arizona and Indiana!

There are also some very strange and weird facts about the popular holiday. Did you know that mistletoe kissing was originally linked with fertility? So when anyone was actually standing underneath the mistletoe, they were insinuating that they were available! Also, the very first artificial tree was made of goose feathers by the Germans. Contrary to artificial trees, real trees traditionally are pine trees, have been sold in the United States since 1850.

There are a wide range of humorous and funny gifts out there that have a little less tradition and a little more quirk. Various websites offer really funny Christmas shirts making light of the common Santa Claus traditions such as a t-shirt saying Santa is sorry, this year he only has rain checks for presents or saying cookies are a think of the past as he holds a case of beer. Better yet, there are mistletoe t-shirts saying kiss me baby! There are a ton of super funny, wonderful gifts that lightens the mood when it comes to Christmas gifts and when it comes to shopping. There are also numerous varieties for park ranger shirt options that are entirely too funny. People are known to get stressed through the season when they’re shopping all the time, so these t-shirts with fun-filled humor can make anyone laugh, and spark a conversation and create a memory that will last forever among friends and family.

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