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03 March on Hoodies  

Vodka connecting people is as old as Russia itself. You may prefer yours in an apple martini or mixed with orange juice, but the Russians drink there’s straight up. It’s not only consumed at happy hour or in bars, they drink it at all hours of the day. It’s the national beverage of choice. It not only warms the body, but it warms the soul. You can even find it in vending machines just about anywhere.

Just like the Russians find mixing Vodka with anything to be sacrilegious, the French would surely stick up their nose at a wine cooler. The French do, however, come together over a nice glass or bottle of wine. They enjoy blended as well as varietal wines. The varietal is a wine coming from a single grape, whereas the blended is made up of several different types. The Rhone region of France is known for having both types.

While the French might come together over a glass of wine, the British come together in a Pub over a pint of beer or cider. The pubs are family friendly places, where everyone enjoys one another’s company. Stouts, Lagers, Bitters, Dry Ciders are just a few of the beverages you can acquire in a pub

What brings you together with your friends?  Maybe you love a glass of Pinot or sipping on nice Tequila? Perhaps you prefer coffee or tea or lemonade instead. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy drinking with your friends, it’s the being together part that’s important. Unless you prefer to be alone and that’s cool too.

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