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Create Your Own Designs in Idakoos

30 July on Create Your Own   Tags: , ,

It’s really easy to just go to a store and pick up a shirt or mug with a graphic. Sure, the art and design is appealing. But what if there was a way to created you own personally design item. If you always wanted to be your own fashion or product designer, here's your chance. On you can put your own designs on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more. The process is so simple, just have a clever slogan or image and in no time you will have a customize item.

Create your own designs in Idakoos

On there is an array of products that you can select to customize. Be a designer and design a custom tote bag. Be bold and creative and create your own t-shirt. Be stylish during cooler months and design your own sweatshirts. Make your own hoodie that rival can name brands. Opt to create your own baby bodysuit for the mom to be. Choose to add a text, image or a combination of both.

Once you decide what to create, decide whether or not to add an image, text or both. Make sure you choose the color for the product first, before customizing. For text only, click the icon and select the font, color and font size. Type what you want to display on the front or back of clothing, totes or mugs. There are tools available to help create the best customization. Use the position and alignment tool to move the text up, down, left or right. Resize your text or image with the size tool. Apply the rotating tool to rotate to the right or left of the product. If you change you mind and want to add an additional image or text, you can. Use the send to front or back tool to adjust your image. The same rules apply for products that only have an image. Press the reset button if you are not happy with the look.

Adding an image to your product is simple. The guide and instructions make it easy for you to design a great product. The need for customize products can be useful for any reason. Whether for a family reunion or marketing campaign, customization is a great way to stand out. Make a gift more personal and thoughtful when you create a custom sweatshirt for a gift. Have fun creating cool designs for a reasonable price.

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