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Custom gifts onlline!

28 October on Gifts   Tags: , , , ,

Siberian Husky Hoodie

Hi, I'm a Siberian Husky. Do you think my thick red coat is beautiful? Yea, it's thick and dense to keep me warm, since I am more of a sled dog. My eyes are almond shape and the icy color blue. I have an owner who takes me on walks frequently around town. I love my walks. Everybody is really nice to me and pets me along the way. They are so amazed by my temperament and my personality. I'm a sweetheart!

Just the other day while on our daily walk I saw something that made me howl. There was a human with my face on his sweatshirt. Can you believe it? I couldn't believe it! I had to stop, howl and wag my tail at the first sight of it. As soon as my owner saw him he immediately said "cool shirt" and the man replied "cool dog". He thinks I'm cool!

They exchanged a few more words. Turns out custom Siberian Husky gifts are just a few of the many gifts online. There are so many items with my face and/or body on them. I'm famous! People like showcasing their love for their pets. I had no idea that we meant that much to them, that they want to wear us even when we aren't with them.

Once we got home my owner went online to find more Siberian husky gifts and found t-shirts, hoodies, aprons and mugs. Does not matter the obsession there are many different gifts online. There were so many other pets listed. I can't wait to tell my friends about this. Now, no matter where my owner goes I always see my face. I must admit I'm handsome so I could get used to this!

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