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Custom Ket T Shirt Brings Awareness to the Endangered Ket Language

04 March on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

Ket Custom Shirts are available in many original designs; these graphic tees celebrate the ancient and almost extinct language of Ket which is currently only spoken by a small group of people in what is now Siberia. The shirts are for anybody, even if they don't actually speak the Ket language.

Ket t-shirt

The references to Ket is a celebration of a part of our human history that has still survived despite modernization and the fact that many similar languages have already become extinct. The mention of Ket brings awareness to the almost lost language. The Ket language is from the language group of the Yenisei family, and is believed to be the last surviving language from that particular language group. Language experts believe that the Yenisei language group is related to the Sino-Tibetan and the North-Caucasian language groups.

Today there are only about 150 native Ket speakers left (about 15% of the total Ket population), and not all of them speak it fluently or as their first language. There are three dialects of the Ket language, but the variations between the dialects are scarce. The Ket language has been given the distinction of being an indigenous minority language in the Russian Federation and is considered a protected language in some areas.

When you wear an interesting and original Ket t shirt, you will be sure to start a conversation wherever you go without saying the first word. As soon as somebody reads your shirt, they will be curious and want to know more; you will be able to share what you know and bring awareness to the almost forgotten language. It is important to preserve the traditions of this endangered language.

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