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Custom Sweatshirts That Keep It Real About The Economy

04 November on Sweatshirts   Tags: , ,

Share your opinion about political issues, and where your money goes, or just show your unique brand of humor with custom sweatshirts. Ironic t-shirts should not get all the love, after all your sense of humor does not hibernate in the winter.

The perfect humorous sweatshirt is one not everyone will get. That is why custom sweatshirts are an ideal way to stretch your funny bone in the cold months. For example a sweater that states: "I Gave Up Men...So My Daughter Could Dance" Will make many scratch their head and wonder what on earth your shirt is trying to say to them. (tell them nothing because shirts don't talk) But the people who get that you are referring to the cash you have spent on dance lessons, will get it instantly (dance lessons are all about the Benjamin's baby) and you will have an instant friend for life. Those do not come often, so be sure to wear your sweater every chance you get so you do not miss out.

Expensive Sweatshirts are not about the price it takes to buy one, but the message on them reflects the wearers opinion about money. A shirt that has a message about the cost of health care in the U.S. will clearly show your opinion about this hot political matter and serve as a conversation starter. This is great, if you enjoy public debates about politics. Who knows, maybe your sweatshirts will pave the way for a political movement started on subway rides in the morning. You can change the world with your expensive sweatshirts one day at a time; because sadly, you can only wear one at a time.

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