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Custom Sweatshirts to my Perfectly Customized Friend

22 February on Sweatshirts  

Are you completely stuck in what to get your nice sweet friend? You know the one who always looks so dashingly well prepared, so well groomed and well, just very planned out in their careful carelessness.

Sicilian gift

I have one of those. Not just nice and sweet and perfectly unaware of their perfectly planned carelessness, but also the kind of friend that always has the right personal little sentence at the very right time, that kind of sentence that otherwise would mean just nothing if it had not been said at the very moment it was said.

Now my friend has a birthday coming up, which number the birthday has my friend will not say in a very modest immodest way, and until just now my mind was in complete disarray, fretting over what to get this friend of mine.

I will find a gift to my friend, a gift that is just from me, a gift my friend can wear and know I thought just of them and them alone when I choose this gift of mine.

Siciliy is the old country of my friend’s family, whenever I am there they make the greatest fuss of not making a fuss of me being there. They bring out bowls of food freshly made, claiming it was just in the fridge anyway.

What could possibly be better than custom sweatshirts perfectly customized for my perfectly dashing stylish friend. And I will customize them as Sicilian gifts for my very special friend.

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