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For the love of the Hoodie

20 January on Hoodies  

Who doesn’t have at least one favorite hoodie in their closet?  If you’re like us at Idakoos, you probably have way more than one. But hey…who’s counting anyway?! We know it’s perfectly acceptable to have a favorite custom hoodie for every day of the week. We certainly do!

We also wear our hoodies with pride for every sports team we’ve ever loved, every university we’ve studied at, got kicked out of, or secretly wished we’d gotten into. We love to represent our hoods we grew up in, our favorite bands and every small town we ever traveled to while studying abroad.

Hoodies are the perfect way to express your self, especially during this chilly time of year. Whether you wear it skinny and tight or with extra room to breathe, there’s no wrong way to wear your hoodie. Your favorite hoodie (or your 30 favorite ones), if you’re like us, is your voice. It’s your story.

We wanna help you spill your guts or at least put that favorite quote, photo or design on your next favorite custom hoodie. We believe in expression and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Speaking of…we want to hear from you. Send us a pic of you and your favorite hoodie that you’ve created at Idakoos and we may even post a few online. Be brave, be bold, and stay warm!

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