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Customized Hoodies are Making a Huge Statement this Season

15 April on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

We've all seen Customized Hoodies for sports teams or leagues, but we are now starting to see them being worn as statements of difference to the norm. No more are those adorned in a hooded sweatshirt to be mistaken again for a suspected terrorist, whom has no customization visible on his police sketch. These hoodies are identifying those that wear them as a cut from a different cloth, one that is weaved in its own directions. One of the most popular versions being seen is the rottweiler hoodie design with certain captions or phrases sometimes placed underneath.

Rottweiler Hoodie

Just by wearing the design on the hoodie, it is a visual statement of separation from what is generally considered to be acceptance of a slave system to which all have been born into. Starting in the suburbs of Maine and ending up on the shores of Jacksonville beach, Fl, this unknown crew of cyber misfits were gathering in number and planning their attack on the fashion world. With the simplicity of the black hoodie design, their message could be worn by just about any person on the planet. This is not the case of dresses, which would isolate at least half of the population, excluding cross gender enthusiasts.

Here soon, there will be a mob of black hoodie army members taking the streets and reclaiming them as their own. Anyone with a bit of fashion sense has already caught onto this trend, but may not have seen it put into practice just yet. Before you know it, the in-crowd kids, now turned adults, will be right behind you in one of these black hoodie garments with a design that slaps you in the face with a sense of originality and simplicity that hasn't been seen since the days of high top fades and adidas.

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