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Declare Your Love of Rugby with Custom Mugs

13 July on Mugs   Tags: , , , , ,

Rugby Mug

Rugby is not for cowards. Rugby involves over a dozen players on each side rushing towards each other trying to tackle opposing players without benefit of helmets, pads or mouth guards. It’s rare not to see several players from each team injured to the point the need to helped off the field. But then this is considered to be a mark of distinction though it’s so common that they don’t get even a smattering of applause from the fans. Every rugby match played amounts to the equivalent of the impact in a 50 mile an hour car crash on every player on the field.

Rugby’s also not for egomaniac’s. With fifteen players on each team, it is nearly impossible for any one player to garner the glory. Rugby is the very definition of a team sport. It is extremely fast paced which means that by the time you start rooting for one person who has the ball it’s already been passed at least once if not twice. Fans need someone to cheer for as they carry the ball the majority of the time or score the most points. In rugby the one fans cheer for is the team. It’s impossible to follow the ball and the action on the field while trying to identify who has the ball and who scores every point. So the team is the only possible way to go in terms of cheering at least for those who don’t want to leave with a massive headache and eye strain.

If you love the action of rugby, celebrate your favorite sport and show you honor the hard hitting players by purchasing a custom rugy mug. Our ceramic custom mugs come with simple logos in black and white or colors, signs such as “Rugby Crossing” and amusing sayings such as “My Drinking Team Has a Rugby Problem,” or group emblems such as,”Rugby Marine Corp Athletic Department. With almost 600 choices, there should be a mug for every rugby lover but if you can’t find one that’s perfect for the occasion or person, we give you the opportunity to design your own rugby mug. Stop drinking out of inferior sports mugs when only a real rugby mug will do.

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