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Design Your Own German Hoodie

18 February on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

Every morning I run out the door to the gym I throw on a hoodie. They keep me warm, cover up those love handles, and make my work out clothes a little more "run out the door" worthy.

German Hoodie

We are German and I wanted to find something to celebrate my heritage. Then it came to me, I can make German hoodies for my family to celebrate our heritage, while running to the gym with my own individual flair.

The idea to make your own hoodies is nothing new. You simply find or create a logo or family crest and have it added to your choice of hoodie color and style.

No one wants to be that girl at the gym with the same outfit everyone else has. You need to be an original and stand out when you are working towards your fitness goals.

The clothing you wear to work out definitely helps or hinders your performance. When you go to the gym, the PTA meeting, heck the carwash, and you have a one of a kind hoodie on that people can't help but notice you will feel good about yourself. You will perform better ten times better then if you just walk out the door in your usual raggedy sweatshirt and yoga pants.

When I designed my German hoodie I was a little hesitant, I had never designed anything before, but the process was easier then I could have ever imagined. From start to finish I love the fact that I created a piece of clothing that has given me an added boost of self confidence to whatever the day brings.

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