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Design Your Own Wearable Art

26 June on Hoodies   Tags: , , ,

With the Olympic Trials going on right now, and future Olympians securing their spots for the 2012 London Olympics, you may be wondering how you can creatively show your support for the sports that you love and the athletes that you admire.

Why not create a few Custom Hoodies, which you can wear during your favorite matches? You create the design and choose the colors and we’ll do the rest. It’s that simple. Not only will you be showing support at home or in your favorite bar or at the actual event in London, but you’ll also make everyone else super jealous. They’ll be wondering where they can get your Hoodie.

Now, you also might be wondering where you can wear this Hoodie during the summer, well that’s easy. Crank up the AC in your home, go to a really cold sports bar, or watch an event on top of a mountain or in San Francisco. Yes, mountains are still cool in the summer months and San Francisco’s summers are definitely cold. You could also design a customized T-shirt for those warm days and nights, or if you live in Death Valley or even Los Angeles, where T-shirts are the norm.

Whether you decide on a Hoodie or a T-shirt or both, just remember to have fun creating it and wear it with pride. The Summer Olympics only come around every 4 years, so don’t miss this opportunity to show your support now.

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