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21 February on T-Shirts  

The month of February is the season of big games, holidays and award shows. We’ve celebrated football and love, recognized great music, and honored presidents of the past & present.  It’s a month filled with anticipation.

There’s one more award show left on the horizon, the 84th annual Academy Awards…also affectionately known as…the Oscars. We all know this an opportunity to recognize great talent, both on the screen and behind the scenes of film.

The red carpet will be graced with Hollywood’s best of the best. Starlets and seasoned pros all secretly competing for best dressed, amongst other honors. Most will be showing off their designer dresses, suits, and sparkling jewels to the paparazzi, and hoping they won’t land themselves on the “worst dressed” list following the show.

At we know how important it is to look your best. Whether your best lands you on the best or worst dressed list is up to you. Visit our Custom T-shirt Store and find out how to create an amazing look!

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