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Engineers Aren’t Only Nerds

23 August on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

With over 3 billion personalized items it only makes sense we'd have an entire section built for engineers. Having an engineering memento is the perfect reminder to all the bloods, sweat, and tears that went into getting that degree of landing that dream job. Nothing could make a family more proud than to see their kin loving what they do.

engineer t-shirt

Since clothing and personality go hand in hand, it's important to tell people what you're about. Your likes, interests, career, and style are all rolled into one t-shirt that makes people curious and want to know more. An engineering shirt can come subtle and easy, or it can scream your passion and pop out with ferocity. It all depends on your own unique style and how you perceive your profession.

To me trying to find a good t-shirt in the 90's was like Bush trying to find weapons of mass destruction: It just didn't happen. But now things have changed drastically. Cultural boundaries have fallen and rest of the world is a only few simple clicks away. There is no stop and wait but only move forward. Clothing is everywhere. The possibilities are endless. But why spend hundreds on something that doesn't really matter and just fuels fashion stereotypes everywhere? It makes more sense, to me anyways, to purchase something that really gives people an idea of what you stand for in a simple but effective manner.

Personalized T Shirts and personalized accessories are the future of clothing, as it allows each individual to express their individual self and let's the world know who they are and what they stand for. Waste little time and act now. Create your own mark and stick out from the crowd by telling people you love who you are and you love being an engineer.

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