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Fathers day gifts ideas for Musician Dads

02 June on Gifts, Hoodies   Tags: , , , ,

Accordion Gift

Mother's day is a simple holiday to prepare for. Nearly every female is perfectly content with some shiny new jewelry, an scented item like a candle or lotion with a sophisticated name involving an alliteration contain the word "breeze" or "moonlight", or some fine artisan chocolates. All it takes to make mom happy is a quick trip to the mall the night before and plenty of colorful tissue paper. Usually though, dad is a much trickier subject to make happy. Though power tools and electronic gadgets will usually do the trick, they are generally much more expensive to get ahold of than mom's simple pleasures. Some of us simply can't afford the Apple's newest development each year. Therefore, it becomes necessary to diversify.

One of the best ways to find appropriate fathers day gifts is to focus on a gift around your father’s passion or father figure in your life. This will really personalize the gift and make it seem all the more thoughtful.

For example, on great gift theme you can work with is music. Many dads are musicians or have a passion for music or even just a certain type of music of musical group. You can use all of this to your advantage.

A great way to capitalize on one of these themes is to find a shirt, hoodie, or other article of clothing. This makes for a personable and also functional gift for dad. The classic example is a shirt for his favorite band or displaying some of his favorite song lyrics. However, you can even take this one step further and find a gift that really speaks to something he loves. For instance, one major trend in music is the reemergence of the accordion. Accordion gifts would be a perfect choice for Father’s Day this year.

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