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21 June on T-Shirts  

Do you have any egotistical male friends or perhaps men in your life who love exposing it all? You know whom I’m talking about. They live off of attention and enjoy bathing in the limelight, as if their life depended on it. They’re the ones at parties who float around the room and schmooze with just about everyone, so by the end of the evening they are even more popular than the guy throwing the party.

Now of course I realize that you may know plenty of women who are exactly like this as well, we all do, but for the sake of this article, I’m only going to focus on the men. You may be wondering why I’m even writing about this; well I’ll get to that in a moment.

As much as we love to hate the attention seeking, overtly vain men in our lives, we also love them. Well most of them. Some are just plain annoying, but for those men who do have some redeeming qualities, it’s usually the ones that we wish we naturally had more of. We also secretly enjoy being with the guy who is the life of the party. He’s outgoing but not annoying, fun to be around, attractive, can make an entire room laugh without trying, and is actually a good friend.

So again, why am I focusing on this? Well here’s why. Have you ever been at a loss of what to give this guy for his birthday? He seems to have everything already, but in reality he doesn’t. You can give him the best present in the world. A side from your self of course, and that would be a T-shirt with his name on it. Can’t you see it now? Just imagine how he’ll feel when he can walk around on the streets of N.Y. or Austin or go to the parties in Portland or L.A., and everyone will know his name. He won’t even have to introduce himself, everyone will already know. They’ll most likely approach him about his T-shirt, which will in turn generate many conversations.

At first he may not appreciate or understand the powers behind the T-shirt, but you will. After an evening of him wearing this shirt, you will be placed on a new pedestal. Every time he wears the shirt, he’ll fondly think of you, only after thinking about himself and of course everyone else who is thinking about him. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

So I know this article is a bit ridiculous, yet it does hold some truth as well. For all the men in your life, who might benefit from you purchasing an appropriate amount of Male Names T-Shirts, they’ll be forever grateful for the best birthday present in the world.

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