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For the Love of the Game!

10 March on T-Shirts  

From the seaside boardwalk, to the grass-covered playground, to the comforting environs of your own living room, games have entertained the young and the old for generations. Whether you’re 2 or 102, games are a great way to have some fun, with your friends or by yourself. They can keep us entertained for hours.

In Santa Cruz, California, you can play games of skill and chance, while walking down the boardwalk. The environment is festive and sweet smells of fried goodness permeate the air. So why not test your fate and compete with your friends for bragging rights. For a few dollars and the chance for a prize, you can throw a dart at a balloon or toss a ring onto a bottle top or have someone try to guess your age or weight. Whether you win or lose, it was still fun to play a game or two, and hey, maybe you’ll end up lucky and spend the rest of the day dragging around a pink teddy bear as big as you.

Do you remember when you used to play hide and seek or kickball on the playground during recess? Or maybe you’d play on the swings or chase each other across the field. It was a great way to get rid of that excess energy that was driving our teachers nuts, but it was also a great way for us to stay healthy and in shape.  I bet a lot of you still play these games…and if you don’t, well you should. Many cities have kickball and dodgeball leagues. They’re great ways to meet new people and play social games together.

Playing games at home is also a great way to have some fun, socially with others or alone. From board games to video games to solitaire, games at home can be played at anytime in any season. So the next time you’re bored and can’t think of anything to do, fear not. Give yourself over to a game and have some fun! If you do end up forming a competitive kickball team or trivia group and you need t-shirts to represent in. You know we’ve got your back. Show your love for the game and get your team, group and game t-shirts here.

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