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For the Love of the Pet

28 June on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

Many people in the United States treat their pets like children. They welcome them into their homes, provide them with comfortable bedding, feed them top of the line foods, shower them with toys and treats, take them to the park for exercise, provide health and dental care, in some cases clothing, and even health insurance. Some people also have matching Dogs T-Shirts, one for them and one for their pooch.

Domesticated animals can also provide a wonderful service to people in need. Did you know that dogs have been used as a form Therapy treatment dating back to the late 18thcentury? The dogs were introduced into medical institutions to help socialize the patients who were mentally disturbed.

Today dogs are used for all types of animal-assisted therapies. There are of course the guide dogs,which help people with blindness function more independently. Dogs are also used to help Alzheimer’s patients with social behaviors, bringing about smiles and laughter. Therapy dogs also help people who have anxiety disorders or suffer from seizures by alerting the person of an oncoming attack.

The therapy dogs are also used in educational environments to help children with ADHD and conduct disorders. The presence of the dogs and other animals showed increased attendance, knowledge and skill objectives, and decreased violent and antisocial behavior when compared to children who were not in an animal-assisted program.

Pets also help provide us with companionship, love, and are great at relieving all kinds of stress. Whether we realize it or not, these animals are great for our mind, body, and soul.
So the next time you would rather sit on the couch watching TV or surfing the net instead of giving your dog a walk, just think about how much these beautiful wonderful animals already give to you. Plus that extra exercise you’ll be getting will be great for you too.

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