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From the Rose Gardens to the Bike Paths

14 May on Sweatshirts  

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Perhaps in a large cosmopolitan city where everything is seemingly at your fingertips; from great restaurants, museums, theatres, and parks to excellent schools, concerts, athletics and so on. You get the idea, a place where you can essentially have it all. Cities with residents in the millions like L.A., NY, Tokyo, Paris, and Barcelona.

Another possibility is that you enjoy the medium sized cities, where you feel like you own the streets. Where there are still plenty of things going on, but maybe the city has a certain vibe. Maybe live music is the main scene or community art galleries reign supreme. Or it’s quite possible that you want to enjoy riding your bike to work on ample bike paths, or you love nature and enjoy being surrounded by it in a city where the outdoors is a major part of your daily life. Maybe you loath driving cars and love the idea of a great public transportation system, but one that’s not so hectic that you have to compete with your fellow commuters to even make it onto the train. Cities like San Francisco, Portland, Austin, and Seattle might make it on your list.

If you’re looking for a place, where there’s a central downtown, where everyone gathers to eat and drink and walk around without feeling overwhelmed, then you might enjoy a small city or college town. Places like Columbia, MO, Oxford, MS, Ashland, OR, Boulder, CO or Ann Arbor, MI are just a few of the places that you might like to call home.

For me personally, I love to live in cities that are unique in some way. Maybe they have cable cars running through them or large parks just waiting to be explored, or an exciting and innovative food scene. Probably the thing that makes me fall in love with a city the most is its walk ability factor. When I’m able to walk around, I feel far more engaged with the pulse of the city than when I’m just passing it by in my car.

I would love to have a residence in all of my favorite cities around the world, but that’s not my reality at the moment, so I usually just settle by wearing one of my favorite cities sweatshirts. This way I’m at least able to share a little bit of my love for one of my favorite cities from around the world with the rest of the world.

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