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Funny Aprons to Cook and Camping

25 December on Apron   Tags: , , , ,

Camping Apron

When your cooking for guests for a barbecue, birthday party, the holidays, or when your camping wearing funny aprons entertains your family and friends. Idakoos sells 100% drill cotton aprons with custom designs made for every occasion. Their designs and humor shine through making special events memorable. Aprons are for both men and women.

They sell animal aprons like Volleyball Penguin with the slogan Bump Set Spike. This aprons is designed for the family or church barbecue to show everyone you really are a whiz in the kitchen. The French Bulldog Apron is for the barbecue fanatic with its extra long waist and ties to keep the chef from getting splattered. The apron slogan is Oui Oui.

No matter what state you live in the US, Idakoos has an apron for you. They have several designs to choose from in different colors and designs to fit any cooking occasion. With humorous slogans for the state of Alabama like Old School Alabama to Alambamian Baseball League the choices for aprons are endless . Cooking with your favorite state apron for your next gathering has never been more fun.

For an adult cocktail party, barbecue, or camping what is more humorous than an apron with a slogan and design after your favorite cocktail. The I Love Gin and Tonic apron with a black background and red heart say that you love to cook and enjoy a good cocktail at the same time. It would be easy to cook, serve and socialize for any foodie with the Powered by Long Island Iced Tea apron. It black background and yellow lettering is classic.

A camping apron is designed to wear when your family or friends go camping. Whether you stay in an RV or tent an apron makes a special trip memorable when you cook. Idakoos has an apron designed for every occasion and holiday. They make great gifts for all occasions.

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