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Funny Wedding Gifts

14 August on T-Shirts   Tags: , , , ,

Marriage t-shirt

Wedding season is upon us once again. This fall burlap will turn into table runners, pumpkins get filled with flowers, and you head to the local department store to shell out a chunk of your paycheck on generic wedding gifts to toss into the pile as a thank you for a free meal. No matter where the happy couple registered its always the same gifts, generic kitchen gadgets, boring towel, and expensive bedding. Nothing that commemorates the time you and your buddy stayed up all night playing video games in high school or you and your bestie day dreamed about finding Mr. Right. So after the fourth time buying those generic gifts for your boyfriend’s sister’s best friend’s wedding your best friend’s wedding is around the corner and the question on your mind is how to stand out in the crowd and make your friends remember all of the humorous times you shared together.

There is no better solution then to solve that problem with a custom gift. Now we aren’t talking about those generic engraved goblets that will sit on the shelf for the 10 years collecting dust. Instead consider a custom t-shirt or hoodie that features a unique tagline such as “Game Over” for the over enthusiastic gamer buddy in your life. For the girl that can’t brag enough about how gorgeous her man is consider a shirt saying “Its not easy being my wife’s arm candy” for the groom. These durable and affordable products are sure to create a laugh at your next get together. They are certainly not your average marriage gifts.

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