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01 March on Hoodies  

Most of us have a geek hiding in us somewhere. Every year there is a large comic book convention held in San Diego, CA. It has a massive cult like following. Thousands of people transcend onto the city for a weekend, that’s guaranteed to be a memorable one. It’s such a hot convention that it sells out months in advance.

People come from all over the world to rub shoulders with some of the most creative minds in the industry. They can participate in workshops, listen to guest speakers from the film, TV, book, and illustration industries, and even get signed autographs and pictures taken with some of their idols.

It can be an eye opening experience as well. Many attendees come dressed in full costumes. You might see space aliens, female vampires sporting fangs in short black skirts wearing sexy hoodies, realistic robots, decaying zombies, and other strange and beautiful looking creatures.

So whether you’re a nerdy guy dressed up in full alien garb flanked by drop dead gorgeous women or you’re a hot geeky chic laying low…wearing jeans and a sweatshirt,

it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ll be back again next year.

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