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Geocaching GPS: Only for the Rich?

17 October on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

If time is money, and geocaching isn’t profitable, is it only for the rich? Absolutely not! Geocaching is a global phenomenon combining technology, socialization and fun. The only requirements are a GPS system, transportation and a love of treasure hunts, each geocache is its own surprise little treasure. Geocaching can be enjoyed every weekend or just a few times a year.

Geocaching T-Shirt

Geocaching is free and offers unlimited possibilities for discovery. Most of the fun is in the hunt and exploration of new locales. Geocaching can include natural landscapes so can be combined with hiking, picnicking, as well as sightseeing. And since geocaching is a worldwide pursuit, it adds an element of surprise and discovery to vacations.

It is true some equipment is required, access to a GPS system, usually through a smart phone. Don’t have a smart phone or GPS access? Invite a friend along who does for even more fun, offer to split the gas and celebratory lunch when the treasure is found. Geocaching is well within the reach of any budget minded explorer.

The only think geocaching will cost is some time. Time spent on adventure, exploration, discovery and fun. Geocaching is a handy excuse for family excursions, get the kids involved for a day of family bonding and togetherness. Let the kids navigate and learn new tech skills. Geocaching is easy on the family budget.

So is geocaching only for the rich? Sure, only for the rich in spirit, adventure and friendship. Get your group together, visit, sign up, and plan your first hunt. And remember to wear your Geocaching T-Shirts with pride!

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