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Hera T-shirt

I love it when I can show how I feel, especially when my husband has really riled me and pushed my buttons. If I had a tee-shirt for every catch phrase that shows him and the world how I feel about him, I'd feel somewhat vindicated. Instead of talking I'd love to put on a graphic tee which says, "Think before you speak!!" He'd know exactly how I feel. Or, if he is sensitive, when we go to the park I'd wear a graphic tee which would say, "He's With Me". When I wear my T-shirts, the world and my husband will see how special I think he is or, that maybe, I'm just a little irritated with him.

How about cute tees for your grandchildren? Imagine a T-shirt you buy, just for you and your granddaughter that says, "She's the best" with an arrow pointing to the left or right (at you). And, suppose hers says the same thing. What fun, precious memories you've created. You and your granddaughter will be the talk of her preschool.

Graphic tee shirts are a wonderful way of expressing yourself. The customized tees you get allow people to express themselves with their beautiful tee shirts. The Hera tees are an Idakoos specialty for its customers. Idakoos has Hera graphic tees which you personalize. Whatever you want to add is your choice. You can pick the colors and custom wording. How nice to really have a say in what you wear. They offer something for everyone in the family. The beauty of these shirts is the flexibility of the occasions for which you can use them. You can give these as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions or just a fun gift you give to yourself. All of Idakoos’ T-shirts are customized for men, women or children, no matter what the size. Enjoy your graphic tee and have fun wearing it.

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