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Heavy Metal: Origins, History and Gift Ideas

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The Origin and the First Bands Heavy Metal T-shirt

In the early 1960s, the rock archetypical type of rock and roll was born. This was the third generation of rock that succeeded the blues and Elvis Presley era. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were among the most popular in the archetypical type of rock and roll. However, in the late 1960s, the first seeds of metal coming to light. This next generation of rock uses elements of blues and rock in a louder and harsher tone. Also, social commentary was bluntly used many times in their lyrics. And among the first acts included Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. However, Black Sabbath is known to be the first in using the true form of this music .

The Most Popular Bands Ever

There are many great bands that fans still find themselves listening to or even singing their songs. From Kiss to Van Halen and more, it's refreshing to hear one of their fine cuts from back in the day whether it's on a TV commercial or when seeing a video of an old time favorite on YouTube. Having said this, the most popular metal bands of all time include the following: 1. Black Sabbath- known to be the godfathers of metal and formed in 1968, their sound has a lot of power and intensity. This band started as a traditional quartet of that time that took on an unique and new musical path, including Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass and lyrics, Bill Ward on drums, and Ozzy Osbourne. 2. Slayer- known to be one of the few bands of the 80s' thrash metal, their albums show how they are true masters of their craft. 3. Pantera- one of the mostly intensified metal bands with an "in your face" disposition, their sound consisted of a fusion of pure metal, hardcore, and thrash. 4. Ozzy Osbourne- one of the original members of Black Sabbath, he started his solo career after being fired for excess alcohol and drug usage. Along with the guitar god, Randy Rhodes, Ozzy sold millions of records, and he became one of the most popular faces on reality TV. 5. Motorhead- their sound contains the essence of both punk and metal rock fused together. They have also influenced a plethora of metal bands, such as Metallica. 6. Metallica- one of the few metal bands to cross over into mainstream, they sold tens (or perhaps hundreds) of millions of albums, thus being one of the most successful metal bands ever. 7. Megadeth- after Dave Mustaine was fired in the mid-80s from Metallica, he found Megadeth. And even though they haven't gained as much attention as Metallica did during their career, they still became a huge success in the metal genre. 8. Judas Priest- the powerful vocalist, Rob Halford, led this band. This band was a great influence of the current metal image being represented today, and they have sold over 50 million records globally. 9. Iron Maiden- was a pioneer of British Heavy Metal's New Wave. They recorded 15 studio albums, sold more than 85 million records globally, and played more than 2000 live shows. 10. Dio- Ronnie James Dio was Ozzy's replacement for Black Sabbath who later started his own band in 1982 called Dio. In 2010, he lost his cancer battle, but he still remains a huge icon. Heavy Metal women t-shirt

Some Unknown and Funny Facts about the Origin

Some intriguing and funny facts have came to light about this genre's origin. For one, besides establishing that Black Sabbath was a traditional quartet, they were called The Polka Tulk Blues Band which was named after Blues Band Margarine. Secondly, did you know that the devil horns came from Ronnie James Dio? The story is his Italian grandmother would give the sign when she thinks someone is giving her the evil eye, or when she is given someone an evil eye. He further stated that this sign, known as the meloik sign, has been around for millennia so he didn't invent it. Another unknown fact is how Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath's lead guitarist, came up with his unique sound. He lost the tips of two of his fingers while working in a steel mill. This was done a day before quitting the mill to launch his music career full time. Therefore, he created his own prosthetics by fashioning melted plastic from a dishwashing liquid bottle, and this gave his signature sound of being hauntingly hardcore.

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