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Hoodies for Men-Owned by a Dachshund

26 May on Hoodies   Tags: , ,

Dachsund Hoodie

Let's face it. We Dachshund lovers are a special "breed". A lot of people claim to love a certain type of dog, but Dachshunds require a special adoration that borders on religion. I don't own a Doxie; he owns me! Their personalities are simultaneously stubborn and sweet, mild and mischievous, simple and sneaky.

Perhaps the reason for their bad behavior is that they're so darn cute about it! Nothing in the world can compare to the look on a dachshund's face when he knows he's been caught in some naughty activity. At first his eyes are squinted and there's a sly smile behind his whiskers but when he sees you he instantly transforms into this innocent little darling, rolling over on his back in a look of pure sweetness. Now I ask you, how in the world am I expected to punish that little face? Impossible!

Doxie people are a close-knit group. Almost always when I'm walking my little wiener someone will approach me very excitedly. "You have a Dachshund?! I DO TOO!!" Suddenly we're best friends, comparing our fur babies antics and cuteness. "Does yours rule your house too?" Why bother to ask? Of course he does! He is a Dachshund after all!

Whenever I'm forced to go some place without my dog, it's always nice to advertise my obsession. Hoodies for men is the perfect way to show your personality and style. Idakoos has just about everything you can think of from any sports' team to farming hoodies! I love to wear my hoodie that says "Owned by a Dachshund" as much as I possibly can. Not only is it super comfy, but I meet so many Doxie people that way! Show your pride for all things short and long with Idakoos.

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