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I Like Woodworking, Do You? If So, Here Are Some Aprons For You!

30 September on Apron   Tags: , ,

Woodworking Apron

Woodworking, one of humanity's oldest crafts; from Ancient Egypt and China to modern day art, working with wood has been a backbone to our lives. Whether you are in a woodworking profession or just enjoy it as a hobby, you are creating something magical and that should be celebrated! From building a few simple pine boxes to a custom long bow to even a picnic table that seats six, the variety that can be made with woodworking is absolutely visionary!

For me, woodworking will always be close to my heart. Before I was born, my grandmother (yes, grandmother!) made my mom a beautiful hope chest made out of cedar with some beautiful medallion inlays. I've had my eyes on it forever, it actually makes me glad I'm an only child because I know I won't have to fight over who gets it! My grandmother unfortunately passed away before I could learn woodworking from her but it sparked in me an appreciation for the patience, dedication, and hard work it takes to create something majestic. Which is something I still carry with me to this day.

You know who else appreciates making something creative?! By giving you the ability to make your own custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even aprons, puts creative control into your hands. This website also has a bevy of already drafted designs, including Woodworking Guru, Crazy About Woodworking, and there is even the playful Woodworking Until I Die. Each apron is made out of 100% drill cotton, which is a durable, stout fabric usually used with uniforms. So while you are using your chisel to create an intricate piece of art or your band saw to make some dovetail joints, why not do it wearing a nifty, custom woodworking apron for extra pizzazz?

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