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We often think of lacrosse as a game that is played solely at the college level; however lacrosse makes a great casual game among friends. Instead of getting together with your friends to lay flag football you can instead play some lacrosse. It is an easy game to learn and a hard game to master, yet it will often tend to become the game of choice for you and your friends and your backyard brawls.

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Equipment costs for casual games of lacrosse will be simply the costs of buying some sticks and Lacrosse T-Shirts. The game of lacrosse is rapidly spreading throughout the Country and is no longer limited to certain colleges. In today’s world lacrosse can be played casually in the backyard just as easily as a game of football can, but you will find that lacrosse is often more fun to play as opposed to plain old football.

The game of lacrosse is a great way to get away from the bland football games you and your friends play and try something new. Not only is lacrosse very addicting to new players, the game of lacrosse also is easy to learn the basics of.

There is no better way to get all the men in the neighborhood together than to start playing a game of lacrosse. In areas where lacrosse is no yet popular you will see the popularity of lacrosse rapidly grown in smaller communities. If you want to have fun, get some exercise, and have some male bonding time with your friends then a casual game of lacrosse is all you need.

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