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Let’s Go to Bermuda!

16 August on Sweatshirts   Tags: ,

With it's blushing sand beaches, over 400 years of history elegantly displayed in colonial decor and maze like back alleys of an ancient past, to Bermuda's unpredictable winds, mysterious triangle out at sea, shipwrecks, relaxing spas, and breathtaking picnic spots, it is no wonder you would want to treasure your memories there.

Whether you are home grown or a passer by adventurer how cool would it be to show off your island passion with a Custom Sweatshirt of your most memorable and breathtaking moments. Not only did you capture Bermuda in your heart you will be able to show off what you captured.Bermuda Sweatshirt

What's great is that you can share all your captured moments by creating a variety of Bermuda sweatshirts each depicting something uniquely special. You may find others that share your passion and you can start a Bermuda club showing off your passion to the world.

How about showing off St. David's clear water beach depicting your picnic moment? What about your memory of the tranquil beach of Jobson Cove. Remember your bird watching moments at Somerset Long Bay Park?

Have a passion for blazing the trail and captured super memories on the Bermuda Railway trail where "Old Rattle and Shake" use to drive down the tracks? Perhaps, you would rather show of your captured tee moments at the Castle Harbor Golf Club.

Now the 18th century freestanding stone arches can all be proudly displayed as well as the pastel shaded Bermudian architecture or simply let the world know that you are Bermudan and proud of it.

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