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Look Like You Have Skills with a Karate Hoodie

20 January on Hoodies  

Remember back in the 70's and 80's when karate was all the rage? Bruce Lee was entering the dragon, everybody on the disco dance floor was Kung Fu fighting, Hong Kong Phooey was still the number one super guy, and Jackie Chan was years away from making the awful mistake of mixing karate movies with old westerns. What about Daniel-san? We grew up watching him finding love and karate chopping union busters on the coral laden shores of Okinawa.

Karate Hoodie

Hey and it's hard to deny that anybody growing up in the 90's didn't love the Ninja Turtles; or the Power Rangers? So why not relive the nostalgia of classic movies with afro laden ninjas by rocking out in one of our totally stylish karate hoodies? While we can't guarantee they'll actually make you better at karate, they may make people think you're better at karate, which makes you totally cool.

Whether you plan to wax on or wax off, squash flies with chopsticks or hit up your local dojo, we are confident our karate hoodies will be a comfortable addition to your daily adventures -traveling from town to town and solving mysteries- not at all like that popular karate-related TV show.

Our hoodies for men come in all different sizes, just like you. Choose your color, get out there and start showing off your amazing karate-centric fashion ensemble. Did we mention they keep you warm? They also have a hood for your head.

Note: Does not make you better at karate. Black belt not included.

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