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Make a Shirt for Shot Put

27 May on T-Shirts   Tags: , ,

I was a shot putter when I was in high school. For me, being a shot putter was a cool way to be on the track team without actually running around the track. The only bad part was that there was little glory for being a shot putter. Everyone seemed to come to the track meets for the track part and forgot about the field events. Fortunately, like most shot putters, I was never in it for the prestige. I was a shot putter because it was fun. When I finished my field events, I usually sat with the other shot putters and ate junk food while we watched and cheered for our teammates. I remember the eating part quite fondly. We sometimes teased the track stars because they couldn't go near our junk food without their coach yelling at them.

Shot Put T-shirt

Now let's talk about why shot put was, is and always will be a great sport. Shot put doesn't care about your weight. There isn't a set size or body type that you need to have in order to be a shot putter. A small person using the right technique can out throw a large person who is using the wrong technique. There isn't a one size fits all throwing style. Each shot putter has to find the style that works for them. That’s the beauty of shot put. While track stars battle the clock, shot putters battle the circle and the measuring tape.

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