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Proud to be a Diesel Mechanic Hoodie Image  

Make Your Own Hoodie and Show Your Pride

01 June on Hoodies   Tags: , , , ,

Say it loud and say it proud: you're a diesel mechanic. You work on big buff machines and keep them running. Whether it's a truck or a bulldozer, you make sure they're in top condition for the job.

Proud to be  a Diesel Mechanic Hoodie

Sure, you could be low-key and humble about your calling. But why do that? Take pride in your work. But maybe not too much pride, like ordering a giant gold statue of yourself holding a wrench the size of a tree. That might be a bit too much pride, as well as being cost-prohibitive. But at the same time, a construction paper drawing with a six-year-old's scrawl in crayon that says “World's best diesel mechanic,” while cute and possibly very emotionally touching, just doesn't say it loud enough.

You need something in a happy medium between gigantic golden effigy and childish card. Maybe something portable so that people everywhere can see what a fantastic diesel mechanic you are, as if they couldn't already tell by the smell of fuel that you wear like the finest cologne. Why not clothing? And for that matter, why not a hoodie?

At idakoos, you can make your own hoodie so that everyone will know just how incredible a diesel mechanic you are. Whether you want fire engine red to go with the fire engine you just serviced, or yellow to match the bulldozer fleet you just tuned up, or basic black because it's awesome, you can customize your diesel mechanic hoodies to your heart's content. Wear it with pride, because you are truly the best and most fashionable diesel mechanic around.

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