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Make Your Own New Hampshire Sweatshirt

27 December on Sweatshirts   Tags: , , , ,

New Hampshire Sweatshirt

Never one to hide in the shadows, you have always beat to your own drums, so why not have clothes as unique and individual as you are? Make your own sweatshirt to show off your state pride. A New Hampshire sweatshirt will show the world that you are proud of your state. Your shirt could say 'New Hampshirite Pride' or 'New Hampshirites Unite!'.

The process is simple, so any elementary school student (and even you) could do it. Start by picking your shirt. Do you want long sleeves? A hood or without one? What color do you like? There are plenty of color options so pick one of each of your favorite colors. Next, decide what you want your shirt to say. Pick out your font type. Do you want Old World English or something in Deco Freehand? You can say a lot just by the font you choose. A smart clean font will tell the world to take you seriously and listen up. Freehand will tell them you are fun and quirky with your own ideas. With so many options, your font will speak for you before you even say a word.

Next you are going to choose your font color. It could be the New Hampshire state colors, the colors of the flag, or the colors of your favorite team- whatever goes. You will also have the option of uploading images to your sweatshirt. Remember that picture of the drunk nun riding the moped? Nothing says New Hampshire like a drunk nun, right? You can choose to let your image be contradictory to your fonts for more of an impact (think bold serious letters and a picture of your dog dressed up for Octoberfest). You can decide to match up the font with the picture. You can even opt for leaving the image off of your sweatshirt.

New Hampshirites will get it right! (Hey- I could put that on a shirt!)

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